Montfort hires Ben Craig as Head of Digital and Campaigns

Montfort, the award-winning reputation management consultancy has appointed Ben Craig to lead its Digital and Campaigns team. Ben will advise clients on corporate strategy, advanced analytics, and data-driven campaign execution.

Previously a Managing Director at a leading global consulting firm, he pioneered advocacy programs on pressing regulatory issues, and revolutionised the firm’s approach to digital strategies and campaigns.

Over his career, Ben has successfully advised a diverse range of C-suite executives, prominent politicians, and major public-facing campaigns, delivering transformative outcomes that have elevated reputations, propelled victories on critical issues, and positioned them for long-term success.

Montfort Founding Partner, Hugh Morrison, said: “At Montfort, we are constantly identifying emerging opportunities to provide our clients with transformative communications advice that leverages the latest advances in data science. We are delighted to welcome Ben to the team at a time of exceptional growth, further fortifying our capabilities in this critical area and positioning us to deliver even greater value to our clients in the years ahead.”

Ben Craig said: “The AI era has arrived, presenting a pivotal moment for the communications industry, and offering significant opportunities for companies, organisations, and individuals who are willing to embrace its potential. At Montfort, we are leveraging the power of automation, personalisation, and advanced insights to help our clients stay ahead of the curve and achieve exceptional results. For those organisations or businesses that aspire to set new benchmarks, are poised for a critical fight, or are grappling with major issues that need resolution – we are eager to work with you.”